Evolving Collaborative Funk?

Someone smarter than me came up with “Evolving Collaborative Funk” as a description for our music. This is as good of a description as any because every component of the description is true. I don’t think we could play a track exactly the same way twice if we had to.[...]

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Our Last Chance to Play the Peacock Perhaps…

The only constant in life that I can think of is the fact that things will always change regardless of our kicking and screaming. Sometimes the change is for what we perceive as something better or worse depending on the circumstances and point of view. No two days are exactly[...]

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The Sun Will Always Rise

I got some bad news that on Sunday night Jason and Rick from Ancient Sun had been assaulted downtown after their weekly gig at Tanqueray’s. For some reason a random guy attacked their friends and Jason and Rick stepped in to protect them. Unfortunately they were injured and had to[...]

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