Moving Words


Give Up On Giving Up

I’m struggling with what has happened in the last few days in the town I have called home since 2005. My sincerest condolences go out to all those taken from us, injured, or impacted by the senseless and unacceptable violence that occurred. It is my belief that musicians trade the[…]

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The Thursday after last and before the next…

It is inevitable that while pursuing the attention of the listening public a photo shoot will occur. I hope they like my hair. To rehearsal we will go!

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Exhausted and no time for a clever engaging title, I have music to make…

I hope you are all well. An “Ah Ha” moment was experienced last weekend that I think is really important and hope helps a lot of people understand what is going on around them. Please remember that everything that follows is my opinion based on observations made over the last[…]

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Moving Sounds

Moving Pictures

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