Check Out Our Debut Album

Click on the audio link on the main menu of our website Many thanks to family, friends, casual listeners, Christian Ryan for playing a mean sax part on Eazy Stew, Omar Surillo for being the mix master, and Patrick O’Neal for coming up with this idea and beating the[…]

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Khaki Black

Master the Details

We’ve been keeping it low key for the past few weeks doing the obligated end of the year holiday rituals. I’ve been plowing through as much code as possible for a few different music related web projects which has kept me more occupied than usual. There is still a lot[…]

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Chill City Weekend

Thank you for a great weekend. Friday night at the Red Lion Pub was a great night of music. Serotonic and Leisure Chief were both amazing and very inspiring. I hadn’t seen Serotonic before but was blown away by their music and the passion they play with. Their music is[…]

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