014_2014 #meiuuswe

For the follow big shout to @manchez13 Thank you New date confirmed for you. Another chance to perform this year is always welcome and appreciated. Inside operation title new track still in progress. We’ll be at a venue that has been around a long time with a great bill of[...]

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A random conversation occurred today. The discussion deepened about Florida and it’s music over the years. The list of legendary acts is long. A lot of really great material has come out of the state that has been artistically and commercially successful. Someone wondered about what the future held for[...]

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Khaki Black


Twisted Tuesday was so much fun. Thanks to the Red Lion for having us out and thanks to our special guests Christian Ryan and Jason Miller for sitting in with us. One of my favorite takes from the night’s second set was Darkside of the Beach. That was the 2nd[...]

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