Session 29DEC12 Notes

Session 29DEC12 Notes

Khaki Black

The work has started on the recording. The mystery of the buzz from the Hammond in the rig was solved with a DI box. Running the effects on the digital piano through the 212 worked out and we got a good mix on all the sound sources. We cut Possible, Overbored, NOLA, Epstein’s Denial, and Dimes. It was good to get the arrangements down for those tunes. I didn’t notice until know that is half of the first batch. My attention is on the transitions between the composed lines regardless of the improvisation on the composed lines. Know your exit and you can drive in any direction for any length of time and when you’re ready the path to that exit is there. Picked up a 4 input USB audio interface to gain control over each individual sound source to assign them to their own track. Looking forward to the session Wednesday to test it out.

What’s New?

I’m excited. A lot of progress has been made since September. Originally I started with the intention of recording the catalog and adding players as I went along for gigs in the future. But when has life ever gone according to plan? Patrick O’Neal called up and wanted to put a project together. I told him about the idea behind meiuuswe and he wanted to do it. I’m lucky to have a good friend that is an awesome drummer. So we have been rehearsing our first batch of original compositions. The plan is to record in late January and to start gigging to support the record. We’re working on some video and song samples as well. In addition I’m sitting in with some local friends on the 7th and the 21st for some last minute gigs before the end of the year. Check the gigs page for details. We’re busy and happy!

What is it all about?

At the turn of the century I had a epiphany about collaborating with other people in music ensembles. I’ve always wanted to be a part of a group that loved to play music together. I desired to be a part of a group that got together and stayed together for a long time because everybody had a chance to express themselves and wanted to build a friendship as well as an awesome band that would stand the test of time. After much toil, trial, and error I believed I hadn’t been able to accomplish this goal. But I’ve come to realize that reaching the goal is about continuing to reach for the goal. There isn’t an issue because what I’m working for hasn’t happened yet because I haven’t stopped trying  to work with others to make music that anyone and everyone can enjoy.

Music gave me the gift of having an excuse to learn how to communicate with people beyond our musical exploration. How can you get other people to come over to make music if you can’t communicate? Music drove me to figure out what drives the desire to make something so personal and make it available for mass consumption and everything that comes with that. The task at hand was too understand personal motivation not only for myself but how to motivate others to want to make music with me.

I began to believe that all dreams begin with the individual being aware of themselves. Once the me is realized then the I has to put words and desire into physical action. A lot can be accomplished as an individual but an ensemble requires multiple people. For the dream to be realized others would have to be recruited to the cause whatever it may be. The I would have to make contact with u to build a relationship and agree on a common purpose. I and u would be combined to create an entity of us. Then we as a collective unit would put effort towards reaching our common goal. To represent this idea meiuuswe come to be the way I began to think about music and sharing it with others.

What’s going on?

I really love music. I’ve loved it for a long time. Music is always there for you and it has so many different flavors that you can find a tune to fit any mood. There is always a song that describes exactly what you’re feeling no matter what your feeling. Music is one of humanity’s best inventions. It crosses every barrier we erect to segregate ourselves.

With all that in mind I’ve begun to revisit, rearrange, and catalog my musical compositions so they can reside in one place for consumption. The idea is to record the entire catalog and let the sessions go where they may. I’m going to document my sessions, the lyric writing process, and studio performances. Connect & Enjoy!