We had a great time yesterday afternoon at the BackBooth! It had been long time since I’ve played there. It has to have been a least a couple of years. The Sunday afternoon early evening shows they put on are awesome. It’s a great time to dig on some live independent music. We got down to business and I was really happy with the set when I listened back to the tape. There is nothing better as an artist then doing the work you want to do and feeling like the work is really close to where you want it t be.

A big thank you to Kyle Raker at Norsekorea presents for having us play. Check their page and get the low down on the great events they have coming up. https://www.facebook.com/norsekorea

Thanks to the BackBooth for hosting the gig.

Finally thanks to the listeners who came out to support live music. We appreciate you taking the time to hang with us and the other bands. We can’t do what we do without you.

We getting ready for our next gig on Sunday Dec 1st at the West End in Sanford with Euphrates and Harum Scarum. We play first and the downbeat hits at 9:00 pm. It’s a free show and we’d love to see you out and about at the West End. Until then…

80% Chance of Rage

This week has been rough, but the frustration will be vented tonight at DOMF! We play at 10:00pm @ Chess Park. I’m hitting the highway, gonna grab the gear and hammer all 236 keys. With any luck it won’t rain and the show will go on. If you aren’t already there get w/ the get down and catch some great original music. It’s on!

meiuuswe/funkUs/Step Leader Tonight @ The Peacock Room 9pm

It’s good to be home even if it is just for the weekend. We got together today to run some tunes down before tonight’s gig. I’m really happy with this yet to be titled piece we’ve been working on the last few weeks. Can’t wait to play it tonight in addition to a few other choice selections that we’ve never played out. So come down to the Peacock Room for a great night of music and check us out with funkUs and Step Leader. It’s popping off at 9pm!

We’re headed back to the studio this week to continue working on the record. There have been some scheduling conflicts but when is there ever enough time to do everything that needs to be done. With any luck we’ll have that available sooner than later so stay tuned.

We only have a few advanced price tickets left for the Deland Original Music Festival on Nov 2. It’s going to be a great time. Check out the list of acts and venues and come out. We’re playing at 10:00pm at Chess Park. Get all the information here http://www.ssa.cc/deland.htm and hit us up if you need tickets while they last.

Check out this random video snippet Patrick found online from the Jacksonville Original Music Festival. Awesome!

Until we jam again!


We had a great time yesterday at the Jacksonville Original Music Festival. Playing downtown outside the Landing was a cool experience and a great spot for our first show outside of Orlando. Much thanks to my family for coming out and hanging with us.

We’re doing the Deland Original Music Festival Saturday Nov 2nd and have advance tickets for sale. Get in touch with us and we’ll hook you up. You can get all the details about DOMF here http://ssa.cc/deland.htm

Catch us at the Peacock Room in Orlando Saturday October 19th at 10pm. Over and out!

Florida Original Variety On Display…

Jacksonville Original Music Festival Today 1pm – 1am

I’m really looking forward to all the original music going down today for JOMF. 125 acts performing on 14 stages bringing the jammage all day long. We’re playing on stage 5 at the Landing entrance at 8pm. Come check out the bevy of talent from all over the state. Get all the details about tickets, maps, stage locations, and parking here. http://www.ssa.cc/jax.html. There will be something for everybody regardless of what kind of music you like so jump in the deep in and bring your peeps!

Shows! Contests! Recording! And More!!

Lots of things happening lately. Here goes:

First off next Saturday October 5th we are playing the Jacksonville Original Music Festival at The Landing in Jacksonville (obviously!).
We’re on at 8pm on the front entrance stage. For more info go here: http://ssa.cc/jaxsch.html

We’ll also be playing the Deland Original Music Festval on November 2nd. More info on that as we get it!

We’re also playing The Peacock Lounge in Orlando with Funkus on Saturday October 19th! This is going to be a blast! That room is nice and cozy for a funky Saturday night!

Secondly, I signed us up for a contest sponsored through Guitar Center & Converse shoes. I figured “what the hell, couldn’t hurt!”
So, if you’re reading this, please take a second and go vote and say awesome things about us! If we win, I’ll seriously buy people milkshakes! Hahaha



And last but definitely far from least, we are still in the midst of finishing the record! Hopefully we will have it out and ready sometime in November!! More to come on that front soon!

We’re also working on making our shirts available to order online so we can get some of these bad boys out!

Thanks to everyone for the support and we look forward to seeing you out there soon!!

Now Is The Time

Usually Mondays are a drag but this week has a few highlights to look forward to even though its the first day of school. We head to Port Orange tomorrow for our first session to record for the album. Thursday night we head back to Will’s Pub to drop the jammage with Neon Nite Club, The TonTons, and the Wolly Bushman. The show starts at 9:00 pm and a great night of live music is waiting for us all.

In other news, Patrick is subbing on drums with my other project funkUs for two dates next week. We open for Dumpstaphunk at the Social on 8/29 and open for Robbie Krieger’s Jam Kitchen at the Plaza on 9/1. Check the links below to get the show details. See you there!


Holy Stoked!

Listening to the playback from the demo sessions. The process has been really satisfying to refine ideas that started as random jammage into tight arrangements. Play, record, listen, discuss, then repeat. Raising the bar to get great takes of original music is a fun challenge. I kept thinking about that Dave Grhol quote about getting in a room with your buds and jamming out until you get where you want to be musically while we worked over the last two days. It was hard but anything worth doing always is. We had to focus to get cuts  we both were happy with but in the end we got it done and the prep is almost complete before we hit the road to the studio later this month.

Forever Hold Your Peace

Our buddy Rhen from West End posted a video from our gig there back in June. I chuckled at the coincidence because the video was for our tune “Keep It Tight”, which we arranged yesterday for our trip to the studio later this month. The session yielded final arrangements for two cuts that will be on the  record and we’re going back to work today in the box to lock in the final arrangements for some more material for the album.

The process has been really cool and challenging at the same time musically. Taking improvised skeletal ideas and formatting a version that still has a place for new things to occur has me on the edge of my seat. I’m really excited and love to play a little more each time Patrick and I get together. When all the dust settles figuring out the order of the tunes and what to call the collection will be the next task.

In the meantime check out the video for “Keep It Tight” http://youtu.be/YLTSxR48mFo recorded at the West End. We appreciate all that Rhen and his team do for live local music. Check out his Facebook page to get the lowdown on what’s going down and catch some of the great local talent out there. We’ll see you on the 22nd at Will’s Pub for our next gig. Until then…


Recording records for the record.

“What’s been happening?” The answer is “A lot of good things and progression!”

For the past couple of months we have been working away at “The Hot Box” cooking up an idea for a record. Over these past couple of months “The Hot Box” has relocated, but it’s still managing to inspire new ideas and new directions on some old ideas. The results have been some of the most rewarding so far.We are starting to really get into a groove (no pun intended) with a clear vision of what this project is. We have both identified our strengths and weaknesses and it’s been a pretty fantastic check and balance.

The results have us excited to throw down 8-10 tracks in the studio in the middle of August. We’re focused on getting things semi-arranged in order to deliver a solid and precise chunk of funk for your listening pleasure (and ours too). So, we anticipate having something on wax (or disc or tape or all three) in the next few months!

We also are excited about playing at Will’s on August 22nd with the fabulous Wolley Bushmen, the Ton Tons, and Neon Nightclub. THAT will be a great show and we’ll have some new tricks up our sleeves…

We’re also going to be apart of some great festivals in Jacksonville and locally in the next few months. Stay tuned…..