Recording records for the record.

Recording records for the record.

“What’s been happening?” The answer is “A lot of good things and progression!”

For the past couple of months we have been working away at “The Hot Box” cooking up an idea for a record. Over these past couple of months “The Hot Box” has relocated, but it’s still managing to inspire new ideas and new directions on some old ideas. The results have been some of the most rewarding so far.We are starting to really get into a groove (no pun intended) with a clear vision of what this project is. We have both identified our strengths and weaknesses and it’s been a pretty fantastic check and balance.

The results have us excited to throw down 8-10 tracks in the studio in the middle of August. We’re focused on getting things semi-arranged in order to deliver a solid and precise chunk of funk for your listening pleasure (and ours too). So, we anticipate having something on wax (or disc or tape or all three) in the next few months!

We also are excited about playing at Will’s on August 22nd with the fabulous Wolley Bushmen, the Ton Tons, and Neon Nightclub. THAT will be a great show and we’ll have some new tricks up our sleeves…

We’re also going to be apart of some great festivals in Jacksonville and locally in the next few months. Stay tuned…..

Happy 4th of July

Well the fireworks are in full swing and it’s been a great day to enjoy friends and BBQ. A new show has been confirmed at Will’s Pub on 8/22/13 at 9:00 pm. That totally made my day. We’re playing with The Wolley Bushman, The Tontons, and Neon Nite Club. It’s going to be a great night of music at one of our favorite local venues with something for everyone. Come and check it out!