Shows! Contests! Recording! And More!!

Shows! Contests! Recording! And More!!

Lots of things happening lately. Here goes:

First off next Saturday October 5th we are playing the Jacksonville Original Music Festival at The Landing in Jacksonville (obviously!).
We’re on at 8pm on the front entrance stage. For more info go here:

We’ll also be playing the Deland Original Music Festval on November 2nd. More info on that as we get it!

We’re also playing The Peacock Lounge in Orlando with Funkus on Saturday October 19th! This is going to be a blast! That room is nice and cozy for a funky Saturday night!

Secondly, I signed us up for a contest sponsored through Guitar Center & Converse shoes. I figured “what the hell, couldn’t hurt!”
So, if you’re reading this, please take a second and go vote and say awesome things about us! If we win, I’ll seriously buy people milkshakes! Hahaha


And last but definitely far from least, we are still in the midst of finishing the record! Hopefully we will have it out and ready sometime in November!! More to come on that front soon!

We’re also working on making our shirts available to order online so we can get some of these bad boys out!

Thanks to everyone for the support and we look forward to seeing you out there soon!!