We had a great time yesterday afternoon at the BackBooth! It had been long time since I’ve played there. It has to have been a least a couple of years. The Sunday afternoon early evening shows they put on are awesome. It’s a great time to dig on some live independent music. We got down to business and I was really happy with the set when I listened back to the tape. There is nothing better as an artist then doing the work you want to do and feeling like the work is really close to where you want it t be.

A big thank you to Kyle Raker at Norsekorea presents for having us play. Check their page and get the low down on the great events they have coming up. https://www.facebook.com/norsekorea

Thanks to the BackBooth for hosting the gig.

Finally thanks to the listeners who came out to support live music. We appreciate you taking the time to hang with us and the other bands. We can’t do what we do without you.

We getting ready for our next gig on Sunday Dec 1st at the West End in Sanford with Euphrates and Harum Scarum. We play first and the downbeat hits at 9:00 pm. It’s a free show and we’d love to see you out and about at the West End. Until then…

80% Chance of Rage

This week has been rough, but the frustration will be vented tonight at DOMF! We play at 10:00pm @ Chess Park. I’m hitting the highway, gonna grab the gear and hammer all 236 keys. With any luck it won’t rain and the show will go on. If you aren’t already there get w/ the get down and catch some great original music. It’s on!