Chill City Weekend

Chill City Weekend

Thank you for a great weekend.

Friday night at the Red Lion Pub was a great night of music. Serotonic and Leisure Chief were both amazing and very inspiring. I hadn’t seen Serotonic before but was blown away by their music and the passion they play with. Their music is so well written and super tight. The way they blend the instrumentation of the band and navigate the changes of their songs is impressive. They’re from the Tampa/St. Pete area so if the situation permits enjoy their music live. With any luck they’ll make the trip back to Orlando soon. In the meantime check them out on the Google machine and get in the know.

I was totally digging the new batch of Leisure Chief original material. They balance powerful driving grooves, precise dynamics, and smooth vocals into a mix of superb originality. We’re patiently waiting for the new recordings their working on. Catch up with them every Thursday night at Tanqueray’s.

Special thanks to James Freed for coming out to Red Lion Pub to run sound and record the entire show especially since I left my recorder at home amid the chaos of driving, loading in, and setting up . He’s graciously posted some audio from Friday night that you can check out here:
Be sure to check out some of his other work on Sound Cloud as well. Enjoy the awesomeness.

Finally thanks to Christian Ryan for inviting us to play and for jumping in for a few tunes with us. It’s always a pleasure to hear him play. Keep an eye on his schedule as he is on the stage multiple nights during the week all over the state making some great sounds.

On Saturday we hit Votelando at the Discount Music Center complex. It was good to see a nice crowd supporting the music and getting informed about the election coming up. The afternoon was made complete by the narrow hallway maze to get to the stage. I hadn’t been to DMC in years and remember the days of begging to get a ride there to buy gear in high school. We appreciate being invited to participate in an event that brought music and political awareness together.

We have one more gig on the books next weekend at Backbooth. Join us for a afternoon get down with Apollo Radio and Fly Moon Royalty at 4:00 pm. Until then, we hope everyone has a great week and thanks again for hanging.

Evolving Collaborative Funk?

Someone smarter than me came up with “Evolving Collaborative Funk” as a description for our music. This is as good of a description as any because every component of the description is true. I don’t think we could play a track exactly the same way twice if we had to. We approach things collaboratively because I always thought that was the point of being in a band. Finally who doesn’t like funky stuff? It’s so fun.

That brings us to the main point of this post. Much thanks to the one and only Phil Longo for having us out at the Peacock again, the brave souls that ventured out and gave us a listen, and the event organizers for throwing that whole thing together so there was something unique and local going down last weekend. We appreciate it.

The really cool thing is that we get to do it all again this weekend with an Orlando double header. Tomorrow night we return to the Red Lion Pub to kick off a new monthly musical adventure with Serotonic and Leisure Chief. They’re trying to bring cooperative Tampa/St. Pete and Orlando bands together to bridge the gap and build awareness on both sides of the state about some of the great performers in the good music genre. A super idea and we’re psyched to play the first song. The cover is a recommendation of $5. So come out, donate, and watch some good people make great music. The show is gonna be boss from top to bottom so don’t miss out.
Event details here:

Saturday we hit around 4:15 as part of the Votelando event at the Discount Music Center on JYP.
Essentially the idea is to bring culture and politics together to discuss issues while checking out rad bands. It’s a free event that is appropriate for the little music lovers in your life and there will be information about the election coming up in November. I implore you to come out and get the low down on the people who are running for office to make an informed decision this November. We get the government we vote for and if everybody thinks it isn’t important or it doesn’t matter we’ll all be working harder for less with no representation or security. I’ll save my political ranting for another blog. The point is the event runs from noon to 10pm. There will be killer music and it’s all about informing the public about the decisions we need to make as a local community, a state, and a country. This is an easy no pressure way to get in the game without watching a whole lot of cspan.
Event details here:

So there it is friends easy and breezy. You have two chances to catch us this weekend as we wrap up our shows for the year, get ready for the holidays, and the release of the record. It’s good to be busy but it’s necessary to take a break and enjoy the groovy things in life from time to time. Could you agree?