What’s up?


It’s been an interesting process working on the record. We’re nearly done recording and will be moving on to mix and master the tracks in the next few weeks.


It’s a whole different ball game working in a static medium as opposed to a dynamic live situation on stage or in the practice room. Letting the material mature on its own and trying different ideas with the arrangement and lines has been a good way to approach our writing.


We’ll be taking a break from our break to record and will return to the Peacock Room next Friday, June 6th, with Liberation 44. It all goes down at 9:00 pm. $5 gets you into our musical adventures and collaborations with special guest Jason Miller.


In the meantime, check out a collaborative performance from the Spring Jambando last month with one of my favorite musicians Christian Ryan. He joined us for “Keep It Tight” after some scheduling karma made it possible for us to be at the same place at the same time. If you don’t know now you do. Catch him bring the fire with some of the best bands around town. Check the audio and his show schedule. http://www.christianryanmusic.com/music


Time to relax and enjoy some playoff basketball. See you next Friday!


Khaki Black

What’s happening?


I have to admit it’s pretty rad that the wordpress update has a video at the end and Hammond legend Jimmy Smith is featured as the content. Bravo!


Anyway, Jambando was epic as everyone expected. We’re very grateful to have been invited.


Thanks to our friends in Holey Miss Moley for having me sit in with them, Christian Ryan for sitting in with us; he totally killed “Keep It Tight”, Dave Mann and the Plaza Live for putting on another awesome Jambando and everyone who came out and enjoyed the music, weather, and atmosphere.


In more recent news, we’ll be under the radar for a few weeks while I finish my tracks for the record. Bass tracking is almost done then it’s on to the organ and piano. Patrick will be out and about with his other project Panther Camp in the next few weeks. Try and catch them if you can. We’ll announce the details for our next performance coming up in June. Until then, tell your mom she is the bomb this weekend and take it easy!