It’s been 2 years already?

It’s been 2 years already?

Khaki Black

A funny thing happened on the way to our 2 year anniversary. I didn’t realize we had reached that milestone until I started working on the post for the Will’s Pub 19th anniversary celebration going down the whole month of September. That schedule of events is out of hand and I strongly recommend getting your body to the venue and enjoying the festivities as much as possible. Get the details here.

This thing we do started in August 2012. Patrick and I started jamming, recording, writing, and arranging original material from the jump after deciding to do this project. Trying to find something unique and challenging artistically wasn’t very hard as a duo writing original material. Ideas and demos had been piling up for a while. We developed a process to go through the surplus and pick out stuff that we wanted to turn into a more defined compositions.

Some pieces made it through the process in one piece as originally created like Church Perot. Other pieces were rearranged and developed into something completely different that ended up being more interesting than the original idea like Eazy Stew. We would mess around during rehearsals and out of nowhere write something new on the spot that would over time become another piece of original material. Khaki Black, Keep It Tight, and Moving Manhattan came out of playing in the rehearsal space and putting ideas together as the tracks matured. The process to write, refine, and ultimately preform the original material we created is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a part of this project for me.

After writing a bunch of tunes it was time to think about recording to release them. How should we record? Where should we record? How should we approach the mixing and mastering process? What DAW software should we use? How are we going to release the record once it is done? Deciding how to do what you have decided to do can be the ultimate challenge for your patience. We started recording material to release about a year ago and have had to contend with busy schedules and logistics. The upside is that we’ve been able to advance the ball and the material is currently being mixed as I type this. Since getting the music out is kind of the point, once the material is ready we will make it readily available for you. Hopefully we’ll be able to run the gauntlet and release some goodies this year.

We’re already planning to do some cool stuff in year three. Our hope is to play more and in places we haven’t been in addition to getting more music out there for people to check out and enjoy. Since you never know what the future holds, when you get a little wiser you really start to appreciate the opportunities to do the things you’re passionate about because you never know when circumstances will change and throw all your plans out the window. Kids, jobs, relationships, and the day to day all impact how much time and energy you have to pursue the things that are important to you. I’ve found those things to be unbelievably inspirational when creating new material despite the chaotic nature and random challenges they can put in front of you that make you want to scream sometimes. Somehow the disc just keeps spinning and a way to take the next step to progress presents itself.

Being in this project has been a lot of fun. I love making and listening to music more now than I did when I started playing instruments so many years ago and had no idea what the Meters or McCoy Tyner had contributed to the rich history of music. That is in no small part due to the ability to create in a very open situation where trying any and everything is the process to create something interesting built upon a substantive groove while drawing on all of our influences.

To appreciate the past, enjoy the present, and look toward the future, we’ll be performing at a new local concert series that happens Thursday nights at the Brink Orlando downtown on September 18th. This Collective Culture event is as diverse as one would imagine by the name. We’ll be sharing the night with Carly Jo Jackson and the Honeyslides about which I’m very excited since I’ve heard nothing but great things about both of these acts and look forward to checking them out. If that wasn’t enough there will be live art created on site by Paul Columbus and Jenny Friedland during the show. The doors open at 8pm and every indication points to a really great evening. For limited time while supplies last you can email us at meiuuswe@gmail or message us on our Facebook page to get a pre-sale ticket, a t-shirt and a sticker for $6. Yes you read that right $6.

Finally we thank you very much for checking out our site, clicking the like button on our Facebook page, following @meiuuswe on twitter, or coming out to one of our gigs in the flesh. We appreciate that you spend some of your precious time with us and look forward to hanging out with you and playing for you in the very near future.

This just in…

So the details are in about our next gig. We’ll be celebrating our 2nd anniversary by playing at the Brink Orlando on September 18th with Carly Jo Jackson and the Honeyslides for the new Thursday night Collective Culture series. Doors open at 8 pm.

We’ll be returning to the duo format for this show and are really looking forward to another chance to perform. There is no telling what tunes we’ll pull out of the playbook for this one or where the tunes will go in the moment.

This lineup has you covered no matter what type of music is in your playlist. It’s the full spectrum from singer songwriter to full on two guitar soulful rock to our instrumental funky jazz musings. Collective culture on the real getting on the get down.

RSVP here

We’re offering a great deal for this event. Get a ticket, a t-shirt, and a sticker for $6 while supplies last by contacting us at or our Facebook page to get the hookup. $10 at the door on the day of the show so save some money and get some swag!

6 Show Weekly Playlist 8/26 – 9/1

So far the first two weeks of the series has yielded a 7 show playlist. We’ll have to wait and see how long that streak continues. I think finding a quality show on a Monday will be a challenge. There are only a few venues that have something regularly scheduled for Monday nights. This is yet another reason to loath the beginning of the work week. It will be interesting to determine if indeed a full 7 nights of awesome live music occurs on a regular basis. So the series will be for 6 nights with the possibility of a bonus cool happening when Monday Night Football isn’t very interesting and there is something worth going out to see and hear.

This topic idea came from a random conversation about what is going on in live music on a regular basis around the state and the need to find some new music that is interesting and refreshing to check out. It is an interesting discussion to have when others don’t know what you normally gravitate towards musically and turn you on to something you really enjoy.

There are so many acts and venues out there in the universe that a great show could be missed simply because the notice about the gig failed to get in front of your eyes early enough for you to decide to go and make the necessary arrangements. That is so frustrating. Whether it is missing an older group out on the road again after a long break or not knowing that a group someone told you about that you want to check out is playing somewhere nearby is the worst. The silver lining is that there will be another day and another show. It is a good problem to have that there is more out there to discover than one has the time to look for.

It appears that as one acquires more responsibility that going to live music events or just enjoying music occurs less frequently because of other time constraints and commitments. There is a lot less time to do the stuff you want to do because you’re doing the stuff you feel you have to do. Despite that fact somehow the music endures. People still create something genuine and authentic regardless of the outcome. Musicians decide to create material that doesn’t sound like everybody else that has garnered commercial success because the view and hear the world differently than the preapproved mass produced blueprint.

There are a lot of problems in the world and the only constant in life is change. Yet somehow people still decide to get together to hear something live and loud in hope of finding that feeling they felt at some earlier point in their life that gave them goose bumps. That feeling that you were connected to an escape from the structure of day to day drudgery. That feeling when you started to feel your face melt because what you were hearing was blowing the doors off of everything that came before that moment. That feeling that someone else understood and was expressing your perception about life in just the perfect way. I often wonder if people consciously think about that when the step into a venue and wait for the show to start. Is there some deeper meaning or are they there because a buddy had an extra ticket and they had to do something with their free time?

I meet people all the time that have forgotten having ever felt that feeling. They say they are too busy to hear anything or they say they don’t listen to music anymore. There are some who say they don’t even like music. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, whenever I hear something like that I always feel like I have a secret and it is not for the uninitiated due to the fact it will disturb the perfect order cocoon created to protect them from the unknown and exciting, also known as life. Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone or so the meme goes.

Being punctual and perfect is a worthy goal. Somehow balance requires you to stay up late and eat something you aren’t supposed to from time to time just to stay human. Every chance is worth taking because you never know what is going to be epic. Life is messy and everyone has gotten some on their shirt at some point. If there was ever a time to get some on your shirt, this week’s show playlist would be a good reason. Normally I wouldn’t suggest seeing the same band two nights in a row but Umphrey’s McGee would be one of the bands where an exception is required. I caught them the last time they came to Orlando and performed at the Plaza. I had heard the name but never put the name with any recordings nor had I seen them live. That was the best show I have ever seen without a doubt. So if you don’t know I hope you can find a ticket and get a chance to catch their live show this weekend. It is amazing.

The shows in the playlist are there because I think there is a very good chance you’ll hear something that will make you happy you went and supported something creative. Music is so important. We put everything to music for a reason. Regardless of what people are into activity wise, I find it hard not to find a soundtrack setting the mode or pumping people up.

Live moments are where the rubber meets the road. Another chance to discover or rediscover something rare and monumental is presented every time someone counts to 4 and starts a song. Get there early and often!

8/26 Bishop Allen @ Burro Bar
8/27 Evan Taylor Jones @ Tanqueray’s
8/28 Pather Camp, Rushmore, Awesome And The Asskickers @ Backbooth
8/29 The New Earth Project, Quantum X, Jupiter Groove, Three of a Mind, Fuzz Lightyear @ West End
8/30 Umphrey’s McGee @ HOB
8/31 Umphrey’s McGee @ Janus Live
9/01 Horizon @ Tanqueray’s

Six Question Set w/ Will Walker

While thinking about topics for the blog it dawned on me that a huge milestone was about to occur. Will’s Pub is celebrating its 19th anniversary for the entire month of September. 19 years is a long time to do anything and the events they have planned certainly do justice for the history and legacy of Will’s Pub.

Venues that are committed to providing a stage for live music, a great selection of alcohol, and a quirky creative sense of community that welcomes everyone to take a load off, grab a drink, and enjoy the weird circumstantial entertainment that life provides have always resonated with me. Music is my coping mechanism for all the things I can’t control and the crap that inevitably comes up in life. On many occasions Will’s Pub has been a shelter from the storm by providing an amazing show and a place to unwind with friends. It’s been one of my favorite spots to enjoy live music since I first moved to Orlando in 1998. There have been numerous occasions where my mind has been blown standing in Will’s watching some band slay the stage that has shifted my perception of the possible and for this I am eternally grateful.

After deciding on a topic and staring at the screen awhile putting this post together, I started to wonder what Will thinks about the 19 year journey he has been on. What better way to start off the Six Question Set series than with a salute to the man and the place that has been connected to so many great events, hangovers, and lost keys in my life and the life of others over the years. Of course when I asked Will if he would do the interview he responded in the affirmative in no time flat and returned the questions in less than 24 hours. So here we go…

What has been the worst thing(s) to deal with over the years running Will’s?

I guess it’s really hard to look over the things that are the current “bad stuff”.
Closing the first location may have been the worst. Spending tons of time and energy just to have it end.
I guess second on the list is dealing with the bureaucracy of the city trying to reopen Will’s.
The 3rd would be vomit.

What has been the best thing(s) to deal with over the years running Will’s?

100% it is the people that get it and fully fall in love with a band. The people that could be anywhere with their precious spare dollars and time that spend it with us. That crowd noise at the end of the night. The band is done and it’s just the huge noise of people socializing.

Can you describe why the venue has hosted such a variety of acts over the years?

Well, Will’s wasn’t a live music space at first. We were just a bar with some space. We we’re lucky to have attracted a really large amount of musicians with super eclectic tastes. There was never a question of whether or not we were going to be diverse. We already were. The musicians supported each other as long as it was good. Genres really weren’t that important. Now move that same model up to now and it’s really what is still happening. I still deal with some of the same people and the byproducts of that. Plus doing live events 5 to 7 days a week you really can’t beat on the same folks every night.

How did Sam Rivers start playing at Will’s?

Well some of the above musicians played with Sam. Sam would slide in to watch KOW. Actually Sam would slide in from time to time to see all sorts of acts. I really think Sam eventually playing there had tons to do with the love Anthony Cole felt for Will’s and his friends there at the time though.

What are your 3 favorite bands?

This question is a trap! I’ll give you the 3 I have been stuck on. I’ll listen to the same albums for quite a while then move on or in case of 2 of these backwards! Black Sabbath, Matt Woods, Hot Snakes.

Do you have any advice for bands, bar owners, or bored people?

Bands do it for the sex. Then it will probably pay off. Bar owners do it for what the band is doing it for.
If you’re bored take a hint from the band and all of you don’t even think it’s gonna get you rich, just maybe happy!

To sum it all up get to Will’s Pub and help celebrate.

9/3 – Bloodshot Bill
9/5 & 9/6 – Ikky Entertainment Orlando Band Reunions!
9/8 – Park Ave CDs DJ Night
9/10 – Eternal Summers
9/12 – The Everymen
9/14 – Super Sweet Outdoor Funtime Show Fest
9/15 – Fast Preacher
9/18 – Country Covers #3
9/20 – Girls on the Beach
9/21 – High on Fire
9/24 – New Sam River’s Rivbea Orchestra
9/25 – Broncho
9/27 – Orlando Indie Comedy Festival w/ Kyle Kinane
9/29 – Park Ave CDs DJ Night
9/30 – The Ambassadors

Do you know every live music venue in Florida?

The conversation started a few days ago about live music in Florida. I googled the other day and found 7 shows I would go to in a perfect world without responsibilities and scheduling concerns to prove the point that there is so much going on one could see a different show at a different venue every night of the week if they wanted to. It wasn’t surprising to find quality talent performing every night of the week.

I’m curious to find out how many weeks in a row I can find great music to check out every night of the week. The Weekly Show Playlist series for the blog will yield the answer. You never know what you’ll find until you start looking. Oddly enough I found out a band I really enjoy is playing in Jacksonville in a few weeks and I may have missed that show had I not been surfing around the web doing research for an earlier post.

The conversation continued because we talk about music and the music business a lot and the question of how many live music venues are there in Florida came up. That question got kicked around in large talk for a while. Everyone contributed and it quickly got beyond the point of being stored in memory so we had to make a list of Florida’s live music venues. It became clear that most of us were talking about smaller and medium size venues where you may know the bartender, the sound guy, or the person working the door. To make things interesting and reflective of those in this particular meeting of the minds, the venue has to still be open and accommodate a capacity of 25 to 5000 people to make the list.

Here is where you come in. Check out the list and see if a venue you know of that supports live music isn’t on it. This came from a bunch of people sitting around after work so it most likely isn’t complete. If you think of a venue that should be on the list shoot us a message so we can add it. The idea is just to put a list together that people can reference to either go someplace new or play someplace new. The “there is nothing to do tonight” excuse has been dismantled. You’ll find it useful to check out venues and your favorite hot live music.

Play, mix, and master!

1904 Music Hall
1982 Bar
The Abby
The Ale and the Witch
Alley Blues Sanford
The BackBooth
BB Kings
The Beachem
Bombshell’s Tavern
Brass Mug
Burro Bar
Café DaVinci
Club Down Under
Funky Buddha
Hard Rock
The Haven
High Dive
House Of Blues
Independent Bar
The Jam
Jannus Live
Jazzland Café
Mai Tai’s
New World Brewery
The Om Bar
Orlando Brewing Company
Pi on Broadway
The Plaza
The Peacock Room
Ringside Cafe
Red Lion Pub
Revolution Live
Side Bar Theater
Skipper’s Smokehouse
The Social
West End Trading Company
Will’s Pub

014_2014 #meiuuswe

For the follow big shout to @manchez13 Thank you

New date confirmed for you. Another chance to perform this year is always welcome and appreciated. Inside operation title new track still in progress. We’ll be at a venue that has been around a long time with a great bill of talent. Don’t miss this chance to come out and enjoy an amazing night of music. This turn of events is the source of much excitement for us as we continue to play, mix, and master. Details about this new event and a special ticket offer are coming soon…

In the meantime I’ve been working on lyrics the easy way and really think I’m on to something.

I love a person place or thing
Life good
I hate a person place or thing
Life bad


A random conversation occurred today. The discussion deepened about Florida and it’s music over the years. The list of legendary acts is long. A lot of really great material has come out of the state that has been artistically and commercially successful. Someone wondered about what the future held for musicians, live music venues, and the whole concert or performance going experience at large in the social media hyper connected age of everything.

It was my thought that things are as good as you make them since there is no short supply of groups of all sizes and textures making great music in every genre imaginable every night. After a few minutes and 3 googles I found shows I would go to in a heartbeat to prove my point. I find it ironic that when you have the time you don’t have the money and when you have the money you don’t have the time.

This revelation came with the benefit of the new Earphunk record dropping. Checked it out today via Bit Torrent and it’s so fresh.

Enjoy the spoils!

Tues 8/19
Panther Camp, Overdale @ BBQ

Wed 8/20
Fat Night, Leisure Chief @ Tanqueray’s

Thur 8/21

Fri 8/22
TR4.0 Jazz @ Smiling Bison

Sat 8/23
Tori Amos @ Bob Carr

Sun 8/24
Steel Pulse @ Plaza Live

Mon 8/25
Musician’s Monday @ 1904 Music Hall


Khaki Black

Twisted Tuesday was so much fun. Thanks to the Red Lion for having us out and thanks to our special guests Christian Ryan and Jason Miller for sitting in with us.

One of my favorite takes from the night’s second set was Darkside of the Beach. That was the 2nd time we’ve played that live. Two other pieces were played that hadn’t seen the live setting. It is always exciting to so see where a new idea will go with so many variables in debate during a moment. We had some good submissions to title the new track written recently, but that song just hasn’t found a name yet.

We’ve added a new show and will be returning to the Red Lion Pub on Friday Oct 24th.The link will be made to the event details as they become available. I can already tell you that this is going to be another great night of music. Make plans to chill with us and enjoy some Leisure Chief and Serotonic.

Up next we’ll be working on releasing some material via the website over the next few weeks between now and JOMF in October. There are plenty of details to address after the tape stops rolling. It’s a big hurdle but it is time to turn that page to discover what else is out there. Details about available audio from our site are forthcoming.

Thanks so much to everyone that came out for our debut at Twisted Tuesday and the Red Lion. We really appreciate it and hope to see you again soon. Our buddy Bill took some great live action pics. See below.

As always stay up to date with our process by liking our Facebook page, following us on Twitter, or visiting our site.










Hey buds,


We’re only a few days away from our first Twisted Tuesday at the Red Lion. All the prep has been done and we had a really productive rehearsal last weekend. The last minute tweaks have been completed on the material. It’s really amazing how tunes are never finished and a new idea can come from an established piece that has been in the set list for awhile. I guess music is always permanently temporary.


In any event we’re really excited to perform our entire catalog of original music and welcome some co conspirators for this endeavor. Jason Miller and Christian Ryan will be lending their amazing talents to the performance. I’m a huge fan of their playing and am stoked to have them sit in with us for this unique awesome experience.


Finally let’s have some fun. Here are 3 ways to win a free t-shirt and sticker at the show.


1. Come to the show in the ugliest non Christmas circa 1990 sweater. (I suggest a under shirt since we aren’t responsible for any skin irritation that may occur)


2. Come to the show and rock a early 90’s high top fade.


3. Come to the show, than after we debut our new ditty in either set 1 or 2 post your title suggestion for the new track to our FaceBook page. We’ll pick the winner whenever a title strikes our fancy and this portion of the contest will last until the song has found a title.


Contest Fine print:

The first two options will be voted on during the show by the crowd. So feel free to shake hands and kiss babies to sway the vote in your favor.


The third option will occur regardless of the outcome of option one or two. You can start submitting titles as soon as you hear us play the tune and submit as many titles as you want until a winner is chosen.

There you have it. We’ll see you on Tuesday at the Red Lion round bout’ 8pm.