Check Out Our Debut Album

Check Out Our Debut Album

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Many thanks to family, friends, casual listeners, Christian Ryan for playing a mean sax part on Eazy Stew, Omar Surillo for being the mix master, and Patrick O’Neal for coming up with this idea and beating the drum.

Finally Jeff Ilgenfritz was kind enough to drop our track Possible on his podcast the other night. Check out the episode below. Local music, space stuff, and iced coffee. Yeah it’s awesome.

Master the Details

Khaki Black

We’ve been keeping it low key for the past few weeks doing the obligated end of the year holiday rituals. I’ve been plowing through as much code as possible for a few different music related web projects which has kept me more occupied than usual. There is still a lot to be done in preparation for 2015 but a huge milestone has been reached today and it felt like a good excuse to startup the blog machine and share some news.

The master tracks for our debut album were delivered today. Despite the challenges, setbacks, sidebars, and shenanigans we finally have the first batch of tunes mixed and mastered. Omar Surillo did an outstanding job overcoming all kinds of obstacles to get these tracks on point. We thank him a million times over for his dedication and commitment to producing great work.

The next step is to push some papers, get the tracks on our site, and press some CDs. In the meantime we’re setting up gigs for 2015. We’re down to drop by and hit so if you or someone you know wants some instrumental organized funky goodness at your next event in 2015 we’re an email or Facebook message away. Stay safe, well, and sane while traversing the next few weeks of holiday commitments. Until we groove again…