Session 29DEC12 Notes

Khaki Black

The work has started on the recording. The mystery of the buzz from the Hammond in the rig was solved with a DI box. Running the effects on the digital piano through the 212 worked out and we got a good mix on all the sound sources. We cut Possible, Overbored, NOLA, Epstein’s Denial, and Dimes. It was good to get the arrangements down for those tunes. I didn’t notice until know that is half of the first batch. My attention is on the transitions between the composed lines regardless of the improvisation on the composed lines. Know your exit and you can drive in any direction for any length of time and when you’re ready the path to that exit is there. Picked up a 4 input USB audio interface to gain control over each individual sound source to assign them to their own track. Looking forward to the session Wednesday to test it out.