Session 12JAN13 Notes

Khaki Black

We went into the studio yesterday with some new melody figures for three tunes. One song is completed and ready to cut. The other two either need some polish or additional melody figures for sections. The drafting process to refine songs down to their main ideas from open unconscious jammage, then adding the transitions and dynamics continued to reveal the nuances and subtleties of each composition. It’s awesome to watch an spontaneous idea become more distinct and defined to become a composition with pockets for expanding on the main ideas in itself.

We’re going to focus on two songs at a time per session for two sessions a week. One session will be to smooth over any wrinkles in the recording arrangements. The other session will be to get final takes on each arrangement. Repeat until all ten songs are on disc.

A new friend made a comment about meditative state repetitive practice. I never heard it put that way. Reading that immediately got me thinking about my own practice routine for the recording process and this game of “ORGAN” I’m incorporating. It’s “HORSE” or “SKATE” backwards, where you get letters for playing the line right, you don’t stop playing the line until you spell the word, and if you flub anywhere you start over with no letters. I’m psyched for next week. The only question is which two songs are we going to start with? Mmmmm…..