Session 16JAN13 Notes

Three tier rigging!

We got in the studio last night to work over the arrangements for two numbers and got two very different results. We got a really good take of one tune. The other arrangement is ready to go we just have to get it on disc and last night wasn’t the night. Some pieces take a long time to find their identity. We actually stumbled upon a new idea while trying to cut the arrangement we already had. Not to mention the two other parts that popped out of thin air earlier in the week during practice for the session last night. It’s hard to know when a piece has enough pieces and is its own body of work with a really good story to tell. Apparently this composition is still in the editorial process and wants an extension on the deadline.

Modified the rig by adding a three tier stand to consolidate the double single stand split. When I picked up the MM6 for bass sounds it didn’t occur to me then to get one. So I set it up and still have some adjustments to make to get comfortable but am looking forward to the benefit of only having to move my eyes instead of both my eyes and my head while playing. I’m trying to wrap my brain around the fact that the stand can confine and simplify at the same time.

So ready for take 2!