Session 19JAN13 Notes

Saturday’s session was a lot of fun. We cut good takes of two tunes and the process is together. The rig has been cleverly dubbed the “tree board”. I draw the line at a three tier keyboard stand and in no way could seriously play a keytar. Even though I would try against all credible advice not to.

We’ve been talking about the recording approach and it got me thinking about trying to record a song performance instead of building a song track by track. Both processes have their advantages and drawbacks. Recording these compositions makes me appreciate the level of musicianship of those who laid down some of the greatest music ever with multiple people all playing at once. Resolving the conflict between striving for perfection and keeping it loose so it swings is fascinating. Trying to find that space within the space is the pursuit for the elusive balance of intellect and emotion. The groove within the groove is working in your personal touch whether it be a technique or a figure signature into the rhythm and melody of the composition.

Gathering thoughts about this project has uncovered some insights into the process. The desire to deliver is helping to raise the bar. It’s more than wanting to play well or not wanting to record a seven minute song again because you bail on the last figure of the track. The grin gets bigger when the groove is the figure.