Session 02FEB13 Notes

instant fuzz

We got together for the first session since the late January break. During that time off we both got to play in some fresh situations with friends. The turn of events lead to some new conclusions that have had an impact on my perspective of our creative process.

During the break I ended up in a place I had never been. This place wasn’t at all what I had expected. The hour car ride there was consumed with a fascinating discussion about instant composition. My mind began to dwell on defining the bridge that communicates what is being created, composed, and performed in an instant composition among players.

Playing at a wedding presided over by a divorce attorney in the break clarified what is going down. It illustrated how duel capacities can coexist to produce something tangible. Pieces of ice in a cup of water became the idea anchor. One to cool and one to refresh.

With all that in mind we opened up and played the first thing that came out. We got two new ideas to develop on disc in addition to cutting two of the tracks from the set. The process to record structured improvised performances is getting more comfortable. The situation feels balanced and rewarding as we create, refine, and rehearse simultaneously. Getting the take and letting it flow.