Session 09FEB13 Notes

The instrumentation for this project presents a unique perspective to balance rhythm, harmony, and melody. The instant composition theme gives a identity to a process that has become very familiar over the years. Having an anchor for the idea helps develop different perspectives to the approach.

My pursuit has become refining a process to format distinct compositions that are unique every time they’re performed. I wish to simultaneously create something new in a performance of a original composition with influence from those I’m playing with and those I’m playing for. It’s really interesting to discuss approach and process with other creative people. You start to discover that the details are as infinite as the process. It’s refreshing to know that at this point in life we’ve yet to even scratch the surface.

We got in the studio today and just played the first thing that came out. It’s amazing how freeing it is to just open up and let sound flow out with complete disregard for structure. This endeavor yielded multiple ideas that we captured on disc. Patrick gave me a process idea like instant composition that makes a lot of sense to me. There isn’t a need for a traditional delivery schedule when every take is its own distinct entity. Therefore make everything a take by recording it. I would argue that the digital age, social media, and technology is the best thing that has happened for obsessive artists that love to create. We get to catalog everything while mining for nuggets to refine into compositions. I look at it as a reference point to exchange greetings then start a new musical conversation about whatever strikes our fancy.

Creating, composing, and performing in the moment can be a difficult simplicity but it’s so fun and never fails to excite and challenge!