Forever Hold Your Peace

Our buddy Rhen from West End posted a video from our gig there back in June. I chuckled at the coincidence because the video was for our tune “Keep It Tight”, which we arranged yesterday for our trip to the studio later this month. The session yielded final arrangements for two cuts that will be on the  record and we’re going back to work today in the box to lock in the final arrangements for some more material for the album.

The process has been really cool and challenging at the same time musically. Taking improvised skeletal ideas and formatting a version that still has a place for new things to occur has me on the edge of my seat. I’m really excited and love to play a little more each time Patrick and I get together. When all the dust settles figuring out the order of the tunes and what to call the collection will be the next task.

In the meantime check out the video for “Keep It Tight” recorded at the West End. We appreciate all that Rhen and his team do for live local music. Check out his Facebook page to get the lowdown on what’s going down and catch some of the great local talent out there. We’ll see you on the 22nd at Will’s Pub for our next gig. Until then…