We had a great time playing at Delandapalooza last Saturday. There was  a great turnout, perfect weather, and a great mix of music. We really appreciate all the hard work of the organizers and volunteers. Putting on these festivals with multiple bands and stages is a huge task. Phil Weidner and his team do a great job year in and year out for local original music in  Central Florida. We thank you for all your time, dedication, and hard work.

Patrick and I will be doing a set on the 26th at the 9th annual Jambando at the Plaza Live. There is an unbelievable lineup this year. I can’t determine if I more excited to play or watch some of my favorite bands. There is so much talent and creativity in town right now that any night of the week you can find a talented band or singer/songwriter making it happen. Do yourself a favor and catch some of the best talent Orlando has to offer on 4/26/14. The festivities begin at 5:00 pm. Get all your Jambando information here Jambando.com and here plazaliveorlando.com

Finally we have some time set aside to record next weekend. It’s time to barricade ourselves in a room and put our tracks on drive. I don’t know how people decide between refining old work or starting something new. There seems to be such a fine line but at some point you have to make up your mind and do what you have been thinking about or your ideas just remain ideas until they are forgotten.