Hey buds,


We’re only a few days away from our first Twisted Tuesday at the Red Lion. All the prep has been done and we had a really productive rehearsal last weekend. The last minute tweaks have been completed on the material. It’s really amazing how tunes are never finished and a new idea can come from an established piece that has been in the set list for awhile. I guess music is always permanently temporary.


In any event we’re really excited to perform our entire catalog of original music and welcome some co conspirators for this endeavor. Jason Miller and Christian Ryan will be lending their amazing talents to the performance. I’m a huge fan of their playing and am stoked to have them sit in with us for this unique awesome experience.


Finally let’s have some fun. Here are 3 ways to win a free t-shirt and sticker at the show.


1. Come to the show in the ugliest non Christmas circa 1990 sweater. (I suggest a under shirt since we aren’t responsible for any skin irritation that may occur)


2. Come to the show and rock a early 90’s high top fade.


3. Come to the show, than after we debut our new ditty in either set 1 or 2 post your title suggestion for the new track to our FaceBook page. We’ll pick the winner whenever a title strikes our fancy and this portion of the contest will last until the song has found a title.


Contest Fine print:

The first two options will be voted on during the show by the crowd. So feel free to shake hands and kiss babies to sway the vote in your favor.


The third option will occur regardless of the outcome of option one or two. You can start submitting titles as soon as you hear us play the tune and submit as many titles as you want until a winner is chosen.

There you have it. We’ll see you on Tuesday at the Red Lion round bout’ 8pm.