A random conversation occurred today. The discussion deepened about Florida and it’s music over the years. The list of legendary acts is long. A lot of really great material has come out of the state that has been artistically and commercially successful. Someone wondered about what the future held for musicians, live music venues, and the whole concert or performance going experience at large in the social media hyper connected age of everything.

It was my thought that things are as good as you make them since there is no short supply of groups of all sizes and textures making great music in every genre imaginable every night. After a few minutes and 3 googles I found shows I would go to in a heartbeat to prove my point. I find it ironic that when you have the time you don’t have the money and when you have the money you don’t have the time.

This revelation came with the benefit of the new Earphunk record dropping. Checked it out today via Bit Torrent and it’s so fresh.

Enjoy the spoils!

Tues 8/19
Panther Camp, Overdale @ BBQ

Wed 8/20
Fat Night, Leisure Chief @ Tanqueray’s

Thur 8/21

Fri 8/22
TR4.0 Jazz @ Smiling Bison

Sat 8/23
Tori Amos @ Bob Carr

Sun 8/24
Steel Pulse @ Plaza Live

Mon 8/25
Musician’s Monday @ 1904 Music Hall