Do you know every live music venue in Florida?

The conversation started a few days ago about live music in Florida. I googled the other day and found 7 shows I would go to in a perfect world without responsibilities and scheduling concerns to prove the point that there is so much going on one could see a different show at a different venue every night of the week if they wanted to. It wasn’t surprising to find quality talent performing every night of the week.

I’m curious to find out how many weeks in a row I can find great music to check out every night of the week. The Weekly Show Playlist series for the blog will yield the answer. You never know what you’ll find until you start looking. Oddly enough I found out a band I really enjoy is playing in Jacksonville in a few weeks and I may have missed that show had I not been surfing around the web doing research for an earlier post.

The conversation continued because we talk about music and the music business a lot and the question of how many live music venues are there in Florida came up. That question got kicked around in large talk for a while. Everyone contributed and it quickly got beyond the point of being stored in memory so we had to make a list of Florida’s live music venues. It became clear that most of us were talking about smaller and medium size venues where you may know the bartender, the sound guy, or the person working the door. To make things interesting and reflective of those in this particular meeting of the minds, the venue has to still be open and accommodate a capacity of 25 to 5000 people to make the list.

Here is where you come in. Check out the list and see if a venue you know of that supports live music isn’t on it. This came from a bunch of people sitting around after work so it most likely isn’t complete. If you think of a venue that should be on the list shoot us a message so we can add it. The idea is just to put a list together that people can reference to either go someplace new or play someplace new. The “there is nothing to do tonight” excuse has been dismantled. You’ll find it useful to check out venues and your favorite hot live music.

Play, mix, and master!

1904 Music Hall
1982 Bar
The Abby
The Ale and the Witch
Alley Blues Sanford
The BackBooth
BB Kings
The Beachem
Bombshell’s Tavern
Brass Mug
Burro Bar
Café DaVinci
Club Down Under
Funky Buddha
Hard Rock
The Haven
High Dive
House Of Blues
Independent Bar
The Jam
Jannus Live
Jazzland Café
Mai Tai’s
New World Brewery
The Om Bar
Orlando Brewing Company
Pi on Broadway
The Plaza
The Peacock Room
Ringside Cafe
Red Lion Pub
Revolution Live
Side Bar Theater
Skipper’s Smokehouse
The Social
West End Trading Company
Will’s Pub