6 Show Weekly Playlist 8/26 – 9/1

So far the first two weeks of the series has yielded a 7 show playlist. We’ll have to wait and see how long that streak continues. I think finding a quality show on a Monday will be a challenge. There are only a few venues that have something regularly scheduled for Monday nights. This is yet another reason to loath the beginning of the work week. It will be interesting to determine if indeed a full 7 nights of awesome live music occurs on a regular basis. So the series will be for 6 nights with the possibility of a bonus cool happening when Monday Night Football isn’t very interesting and there is something worth going out to see and hear.

This topic idea came from a random conversation about what is going on in live music on a regular basis around the state and the need to find some new music that is interesting and refreshing to check out. It is an interesting discussion to have when others don’t know what you normally gravitate towards musically and turn you on to something you really enjoy.

There are so many acts and venues out there in the universe that a great show could be missed simply because the notice about the gig failed to get in front of your eyes early enough for you to decide to go and make the necessary arrangements. That is so frustrating. Whether it is missing an older group out on the road again after a long break or not knowing that a group someone told you about that you want to check out is playing somewhere nearby is the worst. The silver lining is that there will be another day and another show. It is a good problem to have that there is more out there to discover than one has the time to look for.

It appears that as one acquires more responsibility that going to live music events or just enjoying music occurs less frequently because of other time constraints and commitments. There is a lot less time to do the stuff you want to do because you’re doing the stuff you feel you have to do. Despite that fact somehow the music endures. People still create something genuine and authentic regardless of the outcome. Musicians decide to create material that doesn’t sound like everybody else that has garnered commercial success because the view and hear the world differently than the preapproved mass produced blueprint.

There are a lot of problems in the world and the only constant in life is change. Yet somehow people still decide to get together to hear something live and loud in hope of finding that feeling they felt at some earlier point in their life that gave them goose bumps. That feeling that you were connected to an escape from the structure of day to day drudgery. That feeling when you started to feel your face melt because what you were hearing was blowing the doors off of everything that came before that moment. That feeling that someone else understood and was expressing your perception about life in just the perfect way. I often wonder if people consciously think about that when the step into a venue and wait for the show to start. Is there some deeper meaning or are they there because a buddy had an extra ticket and they had to do something with their free time?

I meet people all the time that have forgotten having ever felt that feeling. They say they are too busy to hear anything or they say they don’t listen to music anymore. There are some who say they don’t even like music. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, whenever I hear something like that I always feel like I have a secret and it is not for the uninitiated due to the fact it will disturb the perfect order cocoon created to protect them from the unknown and exciting, also known as life. Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone or so the meme goes.

Being punctual and perfect is a worthy goal. Somehow balance requires you to stay up late and eat something you aren’t supposed to from time to time just to stay human. Every chance is worth taking because you never know what is going to be epic. Life is messy and everyone has gotten some on their shirt at some point. If there was ever a time to get some on your shirt, this week’s show playlist would be a good reason. Normally I wouldn’t suggest seeing the same band two nights in a row but Umphrey’s McGee would be one of the bands where an exception is required. I caught them the last time they came to Orlando and performed at the Plaza. I had heard the name but never put the name with any recordings nor had I seen them live. That was the best show I have ever seen without a doubt. So if you don’t know I hope you can find a ticket and get a chance to catch their live show this weekend. It is amazing.

The shows in the playlist are there because I think there is a very good chance you’ll hear something that will make you happy you went and supported something creative. Music is so important. We put everything to music for a reason. Regardless of what people are into activity wise, I find it hard not to find a soundtrack setting the mode or pumping people up.

Live moments are where the rubber meets the road. Another chance to discover or rediscover something rare and monumental is presented every time someone counts to 4 and starts a song. Get there early and often!

8/26 Bishop Allen @ Burro Bar
8/27 Evan Taylor Jones @ Tanqueray’s
8/28 Pather Camp, Rushmore, Awesome And The Asskickers @ Backbooth
8/29 The New Earth Project, Quantum X, Jupiter Groove, Three of a Mind, Fuzz Lightyear @ West End
8/30 Umphrey’s McGee @ HOB
8/31 Umphrey’s McGee @ Janus Live
9/01 Horizon @ Tanqueray’s