The Sun Will Always Rise

I got some bad news that on Sunday night Jason and Rick from Ancient Sun had been assaulted downtown after their weekly gig at Tanqueray’s. For some reason a random guy attacked their friends and Jason and Rick stepped in to protect them. Unfortunately they were injured and had to cancel gigs to recover from those injuries which is a loss for everyone who loves their music. We’ve played gigs with Ancient Sun and jammed with Rick in the past. He and the rest of the guys are genuinely good people with endless talent. Their working so hard to make their music happen and I truly admire and respect them for the fire they bring to making live music. It’s a shame when bad things happen to good people.

I was completely unsurprised to see the Orlando music community rally around these guys and step up to help out. Everyone knows that medical treatment is super expensive. The Red Lion Pub and a bunch of local musicians scrambled to cover the gig they had to cancel Tuesday night to raise money to help cover those expenses. Local artist Chris Crackalackle is putting together a benefit concert at Will’s Pub, where else, on November 2nd to assist with paying the bills. Ancient Sun has setup a Tumblr page that you can use to chip in whatever you can when you can. Nothing would make me happier then to see Jason and Rick fully recover very quickly, Ancient Sun resuming their gigging schedule, and the release of their record.

I’ve been kicking around Orlando on and off for the past twenty years and have never had a problem going out to local venues and enjoying great live music as a fan or a performer. Unfortunately there are people that want to do harm to others for whatever misguided reason. Please be careful out there. Stay alert and aware of your surroundings at all times. Don’t let fear stop you from enjoying the good things the nightlife in Orlando has to offer. Just get home safe so we can all get together again for more fun in the future. I salute everyone that has pitched in with moral or financial support while Ancient Sun overcomes this challenge. You people are amazing and truly inspiring. You’re the reason we haul the gear all over the place and spend countless hours rehearsing to put on a show that you will enjoy. Ancient Sun will be raging on stage again before we know it. Best wishes to Rick and Jason for a speedy recovery.

Stay safe and be well friends!