Our Last Chance to Play the Peacock Perhaps…

The only constant in life that I can think of is the fact that things will always change regardless of our kicking and screaming. Sometimes the change is for what we perceive as something better or worse depending on the circumstances and point of view. No two days are exactly the same. Even if you go to the same places and do the same things it will be different. No two performances are the same. You can play the same songs in the same order 1000 times and each time will be different. Subtle details change on a regular basis. Sometimes we see them and other times we don’t. The change occurs with or without our approval or consent.

The first change took a rather pedestrian Saturday evening and turned it into an opportunity to perform at the Peacock Room this weekend with Bengali 600. Why wouldn’t we want to play at one of our favorite venues with a new band featuring some great local players? It wasn’t even a question and after the requisite text exchanges we locked down the date.

Forward a couple of weeks later and we realized this isn’t just some random multi band show at a random venue on a random Saturday night. This is actually a part of a multi venue event for the Mills 50 organization that starts at 3:00 PM, features a nice sampling of performers from across a lot of different genres including The Sh-Booms, Hindu Cowboys, Drew Yardis, Beartoe, Milka, and more, an art and vendor market, and food trucks. Yes, I did indeed just describe heaven on earth. It all can be yours for $15. That gets you into every venue to listen to every band if you’re so inclined. I love events like these that bring together random music, art, and food trucks.

First the good change was discovered making this already cool thing a bit cooler. Performing at the Peacock after checking out some bands I’ve never gotten to enjoy live before while tasting some cuisine from some of the best food trucks in town is pretty epic by my standards. But alas, the scale had to be balanced and more change would have to rear its head.

While working out the logistics for a surprise show with some other locals to resurrect a tribute performance group I was informed that the Peacock Room will be closing in November. I’ve lived off Mills Ave., have had many a friend or acquaintance live off Mills Ave. and have hung and performed at the clubs on Mills Ave. for a long time. It is no understatement to say I’m a bit attached to the neighborhood but change rules us all and it is now time for the Peacock Room to become something else. No one knows how the song ends until the end of the song is heard. I just hope that thr new owner(s) will continue to nurture Orlando’s creative community and contribute to its awesomeness. Music and nightlife are fun in Orlando because there is a lot of variety you can experience in a night. It’s a shame to lose one of the coolest and most unique venues in town but change rules us all.

Come down this weekend. Set the DVR to tape whatever game is coming on and get out of the house to savor some local flavor. It may well be our last chance to play the Peacock Room and if it has to be the last time we want to make it count. We may even crack the seal on one of our new tracks and did I mention the food trucks? Have a great rest of the week and we’ll see you Saturday at 3pm!