6 Things We Miss

Last season recap starts in 3, 2, 1…

We ended last year after playing a MHY Reunion Show at Will’s Thanks to the usual suspects for having us on that one. I thought it was a great idea to have the new projects open for MHY. Field Kit and Copper Bones were awesome and it was great night. I highly suggest you catch those bands when you get the chance.

Fast forward past turkey, the nightmare that is Christmas, more turkey, Super Bowl 50, and Stop. Snarky Puppy at the Plaza was such an amazing show that put things in another perspective. That band is so good and their performance was a confluence of musicianship and some superb writing. Their blend of progressive jazz and world music is so interesting on top of astounding musical ability. I believe this group shows us that jazz is not dead and will never die. Like everything else it just changes. What it looks like, its individual parts, and its name my change but it will always be what it was and what it will always be.

Marco Benevento did a gig at a hip theater on the Rollins College campus. Close quarters and plush comfortable seats made it easy to enjoy. It was the first time I’ve seen him and it was great. The band mixed catchy vocal riffs and spacey improvisations during their two sets that ended with a timely David Bowie cover. His application of effects to acoustic pianos is some other level stuff combined with his technique and writing. Wasn’t sure what to expect because his work is so diverse but really glad I was able to make it.

Next I went in the way back machine and caught Tool and Primus at CFE Arena. This show was well worth every penny and the hassle to get there. It was beyond awesome. Both bands sounded great and the visuals were next level. I didn’t understand why the venue wouldn’t allow photos. I wonder if Tool made that part of the agreement to perform. It seems ludacris since everyone has a camera in their pocket and the visuals were sick and could be a stand-alone entertainment experience. Of course people are going to take pictures. It was distracting watching the ushers hassle people repeatedly for taking them. Regardless it ranks high on the all-time attended concert list.

More recently a random sequence of events connected into an observation of note in low end theory. First I was able to catch one of my favorite local bass players perform which always gets me thinking about approach and technique. Then a random call to sub on bass gave me the chance to play in a live setting and experiment with some new effect pedals. Finally, a spot opened up in an odd playing situation in a studio setup with random players. The contrast between one of my favorite bass players, my own playing, and someone I didn’t enjoy playing with illustrated the importance of tone and time. Music is unity. Different frequencies connect and disconnect at given points in both predictable and unpredictable ways for as long as there is space to fill with sound.

Most recently a lot of new material has been worked on and there is a great flow of ideas. Slowly but surely clips from the backlog are being explored and practice time has been productive. I smile as I type that I’m adding Leslie amplification to the setup in preparation for our recording sessions later this month. Actually not smiling more like jumping up and down on the inside. More muse, updates, and creative stuff coming down. Dot! Dot! Dot!