It is time. Yet there is time.

Khaki Black

I had a chance to catch the New Sam Rivers Rivbea Orchestra at Will’s and Leisure Chief at Tanqueray’s last week to watch some great players for perspective as we prepare for our next phase of recording. Both groups made an impression and played some great material that was so enjoyable. There really is a lot of great music to absorb in this city every week that it can be challenging to navigate. But having more things to hear than you have time for is a problem I’m good with and actually really grateful for. Inspiration, ideas, and motivation are everywhere for us to tune into when we decide to.

As for us, we had a great week of practice for both projects and continue to make progress and keep things interesting. Stars aligned during the last break and an opportunity presented itself to make some cool music, challenge ourselves and grow musically. After defeating the beast known as scheduling we were finally able to get all of us in a room and play some tunes. Here is a sample of the awesomeness that will be available for your listening pleasure in the very near to somewhat distant future. Toward a new week of process we go!