The great gear malfunction…

Khaki Black

While intensely focused on the material for our first gig at Lil Indies, we experienced a phenomenon that can only be described as growing pains. First Thursday night at rehearsal the bass head got overworked and started having sound issues. There is a reason that particular model is no longer made. Later that night I tripped over a ¼ cord and broke the input on the 3300, thus taking it out of commission for tomorrow night. Fast forward to Saturday’s rehearsal where our trusty MM6 keyboard has turned in its resignation and announced its intentions to retire to the great gear graveyard in the sky also known as the spare bedroom closet due to the display slowly fading and unexplainable phantom reboots.

This is a sign that turning the page to start a new chapter requires change. What was can’t always continue to be if one chooses to push forward into new experience. What we have done is irrelevant. Now is the time to clear the slate and discover new possibilities. We begin tomorrow night. We’ll be dropping the second record soon and have already started working on new material for the next one. This adversity is a sign of growth. While disappointing, getting the work done despite expensive and time consuming setbacks makes the playback that much sweeter. We explore the deep end tomorrow night at 10:00pm!