One more for the road…

Being a creature of habit makes embracing change challenging. Opportunities to perform are always a big deal and the object of this musical pursuit. Life has a knack of always raising the stakes and hearing that we had the chance to play the Red Lion Pub one more time before the end of this chapter did the inevitable. Change always cuts both ways. Things are added to fill empty spaces and spaces are created for things to fill them like day follows night and night follows day.

The initial disorientation of the loss was jarring. Yet there is comfort in what the Red Lion family has provided for so long and for so many. If you’ve ever been there, you’ve experienced the kind spirit that is a prime example of treating others the way you want to be treated. The generosity of good will that makes the Red Lion so special to so many of us will endure long after the doors close because that appreciation for people and their fun will find its way into the actions and creativity of the people who have been there and felt the warmth, authenticity, and welcome of the people that are the Red Lion.

In celebration of all the Red Lion has giving and all of the people that make it so special we’re going to make some music in the hope that someone will hear something they enjoy that contributes to counter balance some of the not so awesome that is a part of our journey. Local Indie Folk Rock group, Plane Versus Cult have agreed to join us in the Lion’s Den to play one more for before we say farewell until we meet again. We’ll see you tomorrow night at 9:00 PM!