At the turn of the century I had a epiphany about collaborating with other people in music ensembles. I’ve always wanted to be a part of a group that loved to play music together. I desired to be a part of a group that got together and stayed together for a long time because everybody had a chance to express themselves and wanted to build a friendship as well as an awesome band that would stand the test of time. After much toil, trial, and error I believed I hadn’t been able to accomplish this goal. But I’ve come to realize that reaching the goal is about continuing to reach for the goal. There isn’t an issue because what I’m working for hasn’t happened yet because I haven’t stopped trying to work with others to make music that anyone and everyone can enjoy.

Music gave me the gift of having an excuse to learn how to communicate with people beyond our musical exploration. How can you get other people to come over to make music if you can’t communicate? Music drove me to figure out what drives the desire to make something so personal and make it available for mass consumption and everything that comes with that. The task at hand was too understand personal motivation not only for myself but how to motivate others to want to make music with me.

I began to believe that all dreams begin with the individual being aware of themselves. Once the “me” is realized then the “I” has to put words and desire into physical action. A lot can be accomplished as an individual but an ensemble requires multiple people. For the dream to be realized others would have to be recruited to the cause whatever it may be. The “I” would have to make contact with “U” to build a relationship and agree on a common purpose. “I” and “U” would be combined to create an entity of “US”. Then “WE” as a collective unit would put effort towards reaching our common goal. To represent this idea meiuuswe come to be the way I began to think about music and sharing it with others.