My parents moved around a bit when I was younger. We lived outside Boston when I really started to get into music. I stumbled upon a documentery on Jimi Hendrix which had a huge impact on me. I loved watching his friends and other musicians talk about his playing and the live performance footage. From that point in the late 80’s music has been a big part of my life. Music has giving me the joy of sharing great times with great people. The process of practice, research, gigging, and going to concerts has truly made my life full of unforgettable moments. I do my best to keep this spirit in mind as I continue to grow, explore, and connect with new musical adventures.

There was a distinct blues phase because of the Hendrix infatuation which led to discovering a lot of classic rock and metal music. Those records combined with my parents gospel influence, playing alto sax in the middle school band, raging to alternative and punk music from the west coast, and learning to break dance to my older brothers Def Jam records created a open mind that is looking for music that is emotionally moving regardless of its perceived intended audience. I never cared about boundaries, positions, or agendas. I was who I was just like I am who I am now. That culmination of distinctly different styles steered me towards accepting and embracing different perspectives. I wanted to learn.

Our family moved to a small town an hour outside of Orlando when I started the 8th grade and the only things I cared about where skateboarding and guitar. I made some friends including Patrick O’Neal, and got introduced to all kinds of new bands and music. So much good music came out in the 90’s it was so exciting. I spent countless hours playing guitar, reading the magazines, and learning songs to play with my friends. I scraped together cash from my first job slinging pizzas to get a four track recorder and a drum machine to start writing and recording. Over the years I started to branch out and play bass and drums for the recordings I was making while playing in local bands. My taste in music started to expand into jazz and world music. Looking back I think it was a natural progression from understanding the guitar solos in metal and popular music that I spent so much time trying to play.

I started gigging around Orlando and Tampa in the late 90’s and got blown away by the supergroup Kow. Groove had always been a part of my musical perspective but it wasn’t until this time that I fell down the jazz rabbit hole and found all the rich history of American music and how it’s all connected. A light went off when I got turned on to Jimmy Smith and the Hammond B3 and my mission became clear. I had played keyboards and piano on and off since grade school but got distracted by the guitar. I got really serious about playing keyboards and a few years later here we are talking about this project. I started getting material together to record and Patrick and I had talked about doing another funky jazz project like the Funktet. He called, we setup a session, and here we are.

This project is a mix of all of our influences and its purpose is to document the journey of playing music with others for others. The project goes in every direction with a common thread of groove. Employing a flexible approach to music keeps the energy fresh and the excitement of change alive in the moment. This project has no boundaries and is a refreshing breath of air for us and the hope is for listeners as well. Musicianship is combined with composition to create a sound that is indefinable and accessible to all. The only purpose is to make good music that people can connect with and enjoy.

Ya dig?